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Academy of Rising Stars Inc.
Dance Cheer and Gymnastics Program

 AORS Apparel Link 
Parents, go to link below to place order for AORS tank required for all students. Please Read Sizing Chart. Other Apparel is avail. such as jackets and parent shirts.

8420_189594465198_141205_nFall Festival October 2020

IMG_5626Christmas Parade November 2020


Christmas Recital 
December 18th 2020
CL Overturf 6th Grade Center / Jim Pignato Theatre 
Tickets $10

Check Home Page for All details

Spring Recital
June 11th, 2021 

2020-2021 Dress Code
Black Leotard / Black Tights for all classes. NO EXCEPTIONS.  May wear black cotton shorts or black dance pants. Children will be asked to sit out if they come to class not dressed and with proper shoes.  

Dance Cheer Gymnastics Parent Info!

* AORS follows the putnam county school schedule
* Requires that you call the studio in the event your child will be absent.
* Requires a 30 day cancellation notice per the registration package.
* Tuition Payement is due on or Before the 1st day of each month. $10.00 late fees will be posted Friday of each week.
* After the 15 of the month if tuition has not been paid child will not be able to participate in class.
*Parents are required to keep kids in designated wating area with parent or guardian present until students are called back to class. NO EXCEPTIONS! Students are not to roam the facility, nor are they to go into the classroom without a teacher present!! 
*Recital costumes are $80.00 each, if your child is in 1 class, costume fee is due October 1st in a seperate check from tuition.  If your child is in multiple classes you are required to pay 1/2 of your costume total in october and the other 1/2 in a seperate check December 1st.  
*Parents are welcome to pay extra each month to help with costume fees.  However these fees need to be in a seperate check and labled for costumes.  

$30 Registration Fee Annually 
$59.00 /month = 1 class /week   $89.00 /month = 2 classes / week 
$35.00 each additional class

$30.00 registration fee / $35 month.

Please feel free to email me, Mrs. Lindsey B McKinney Facility Director for any questions or concerns. academyofrisingstarsinc@gmail.com or call 386-328-6448 and ask for Lindsey or Jennie 

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